With our legislative consultants, MCCA advocates on behalf of Missouri's 12 community colleges and oversees interactions with policymakers at the state and federal levels. Our team collects and distributes information to college faculty staff on legislative and policy issues; schedules appointments with elected officials and representatives from government agencies; and represents community colleges at meetings with federal and state officials.

State Relations

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 convenes a new session of the Missouri General Assembly. During this session, MCCA supports the Coordinating Board for Higher Education's (CBHE) FY2020 three-part funding request addressing performance funding, equity funding, and workforce initiatives; full funding of the A+ scholarship Program; continued support of the administration’s effort for more efficient workforce training; and a fix to 2018 SB892 (PSRS Working After Retirement).

For additional detail or to download or print our 2019 State Legislative Priorities as a PDF, click here.

Federal Relations 

Check back soon for our 2020 Federal Legislative Priorities.