Missouri legislature votes for smaller cut to community colleges

This week, the Missouri Legislature finalized the state budget, approving a 6.5 percent cut to community colleges across the state.

This is down from the 9 percent cut that was initially proposed by the Governor in February and later brought back into play by the Senate.

MCCA’s advocacy team, college leaders and communications staff worked tirelessly over the last three months to get the cuts reduced.

“It took every hand on deck to get to this point,” Rob Dixon, MCCA President and CEO said. “I have no doubt that we would still be looking at a $14.7 million cut if it wasn’t for the hard work that our advocacy and communications teams put into this campaign.”

The reduction in cuts will add more than $3.8 million back into the budget.

“A 6.5 percent cut shouldn’t feel like a victory, but it is one in the current budget climate,” Dixon said. “We’re grateful to everyone who worked to get us to this point, especially the members of our legislature who stood up for community colleges and made our funding a priority.”

The budget passed amid a ceasefire in the chaos that engulfed the legislature this week. A bipartisan group of Senators lobbed allegations of corruption at Senate Leadership, bringing the entire body to a standstill.

Repeated attempts to convene the conference committee were stalled, until finally on Wednesday evening, the Conference Committee was able to work through the evening to announce a proposal.

On Thursday, the House of Representatives and Senate both voted on the budget, which will now go to the Governor who can sign it or line-item veto specific priorities.

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