Senate gridlock stalls legislation

A group of approximately eight Republican Senators have joined with several Democrats in opposition of Senate leadership, bringing the Senate to a standstill.

The group lobbed allegations of corruption and ineptitude at Senate Leadership, going so far as to accuse Senate leaders of manipulating the Senate calendar. Many legislators, including Senior Republican Senators are demanding immediate legislative action on an ethics bill aimed at eliminating the political committees that Governor Greitens has been using to raise funds.

Caught up in the chaos was the FY 2018 budget. Conference Committee meetings on the budget were repeatedly pushed back this week, until Wednesday when the Conference Committee worked through the evening on Wednesday to announce the final agreement.

As the minutes tick down to the end of the session, every day that the Senate remains in gridlock means more legislation that will not reach a vote.

This has brought frustrations to an all-time high between the two chambers as members of the House of Representatives continue to work to push key priorities through.

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