Brian Millner
President and CEO

Brian Millner is the President and CEO of the Missouri Community College Association. Formerly serving as Chief of Staff at the University of Missouri and as the legislative director for the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Millner began his tenure in September 2017.


Presidents and Chancellors Council

The Missouri Community College Association is governed by the Presidents and Chancellors Council. This group is comprised of the president or chancellor of each of Missouri’s community colleges, who meet on a monthly basis.

Executive Committee

Dr. Joanna Anderson, Chair
President, State Fair Community College

Dr. Wesley Payne, Vice Chair
President, Three Rivers College

Dr. Jeff Lashley, Past Chair
President, Moberly Area Community College

Dr. Hal L. Higdon, Senior Member
Chancellor, Ozarks Technical Community College










Council Members

Dr. Jon Bauer
President, East Central College

Dr. Kimberly Beatty
Chancellor, Metropolitan Community College

Dr. Glenn Coltharp
President, Crowder College

Dr. Dena McCaffrey
President, Jefferson College

Dr. Joe Gilgour
President, Mineral Area College

Dr. Barbara R. Kavalier
President, St. Charles Community College

Dr. Lenny Klaver
President, North Central Missouri College

Dr. Jeff L. Pittman
Chancellor, St. Louis Community College


Advisory Board

MCCA’s Advisory Board supports association members’ professional development, provides members with opportunities for networking, and advocates on behalf of community colleges. The Board is elected by the Association’s general membership and includes representatives of each of the Association’s departments—Administrators, Classified Staff, Faculty, and Trustees.

Executive Committee

Melissa Wittmer, Chair
Faculty Department
Ozarks Technical Community College
Elected 2017; Term through 2021

Kathryn Neff, Chair-Elect
Administrative Professional 
Mineral Area College
Elected 2019; Term through 2022

VACANT, Vice-Chair
Classified Staff

Craig Larson, Past Chair
Trustee Department
St. Louis Community College
Elected 2016; Term through 2020






Board Members

Administrative/Professional Department Officers
Jackson Lewis, Chair, Crowder College (appointed 2019, term through 2020)  
Dara Bigler, Vice- Chair, State Fair Community College (elected 2019; term through 2022)

Classified Staff Department Officers
Cheryl Fowler, Chair, St. Louis Community College (elected 2017; term through 2020)
Rita Wheeler, Vice-Elect, Moberly Area Community College (elected 2018; term through 2021)
Kristy Edmondson, Vice-Chair, Metropolitan Community College (appointed 2019, term through 2020)

Faculty Department Officers
Gerald Myers, Chair, St. Louis Community College (elected 2017; term through 2020)
Margaret Orlando, Chair-Elect, Three Rivers College (elected 2018; term through 2021)
Andrew Crocker, Vice-Chair, Political Science Instructor, Ozarks Technical Community College (elected 2019; term through 2022) 

Trustee Department Officers
Don Dalrymple, Chair, North Central Missouri College (elected 2017; term through 2020)
Audrey Freitag, Chair-Elect, East Central College (elected 2018; term through 2021)
Ann Hartley, Vice-Chair, East Central College (elected 2019; term through 2022)

Retired Department Representative
Paula Glover, Moberly Area Community College (appointed 2018; term through 2021)